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7.- 8. NOVEMBER 2018, Messe Frankfurt

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Theatres and Topics in 2015 included:

Data Centre World Keynote

As business needs change and capacity requirements increase, how will you adapt your data center strategy to manage an ever changing, expansive landscape? The Data Center World Keynote Theatre contains answers to a multitude of challenges, that will allow you to plan and manage the data center of the future. The largest data center operators (both privately and third-party owned) share useful ideas and case studies, helping you shape the development of your data center, for today, tomorrow and for generations to come!

Advances in Critical Equipment and Facilities Management Theatre

In our digital age, nobody, including the data center manager, CIO and even the CEO wants data center downtime – data centers are business critical. If it is your job to keep the data center up and running, this stream will benefit you. Here you will discover up to date technical information on the market’s latest and most innovative uptime solutions.  Plus, you can learn from industry peers, who will be on stage, sharing their case studies on how these innovations have made significant and positive changes to their data centers. If you’re running data center, this stream offers valuable insight on how you keep it running and minimise downtime.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Management and DCIM Theatre

The latest developments in energy efficiency tools, product solutions and services will be examined and explored, to help you maximise cost management and run a greener data center. This stream also explores the rise of DCIM, where the IT and facility management disciplines are integrated to centralize monitoring, management and intelligent capacity planning, ensuring the uptime of critical data center systems. Our acclaimed German and international expert speakers will share best practice on how DCIM can close the operational and optimisation gap, with relevant content for both IT and facilities focussed data center professionals.




Cloud Expo Europe Keynote

This theatre hosts Germany and the DACH regions foremost cloud leaders, plus internationally acclaimed and top-rated visionaries, senior industry speakers and the executives driving DACH’s shift towards cloud computing. Speakers will deliver their outlook on the future of cloud, plus leading CIOs and senior IT will be sharing their roadmaps to cloud success.

Cloud Innovations, Services and Applications Theatre

A futureproof IT strategy must ensure cloud-based resources, services and applications are living up to their promises. Choosing the right way to digitally transform your business, manage your organisation’s data, integrate business critical IT and legacy systems into a cloud strategy is a key focus of this stream. It also explores how the cloud enables faster and more efficient technology deployments, so the IT department can quickly meet and exceed the strategic objectives of the business. This stream hosts discussions on leading-edge cloud technologies and services, alongside live product demonstrations from cloud service providers – real solutions for the business needs of today and tomorrow.

Service Providers and the Cloud Ecosystems (Industry stream)

For the best operators in DACH, the cloud promises enhanced services for customers, whilst generating financial rewards for business owners and shareholders. This theatre covers business models for cloud service providers, MSPs, hosters, telcos, ISPs, VARs, SIs and ISVs looking to extend their own cloud services or partner with other service providers and cloud businesses.

Private and Hybrid Cloud

Organizations embracing cloud computing have become acutely aware that no single approach to cloud can be applied universally throughout their technology stack. If your business must comply with strict regulations or it has highly critical applications, then only a private cloud will do. However, where possible, a hybrid cloud approach gives organizations the best of both private and the public cloud, by providing the flexibility to put different workloads and data where it makes most sense. This conference track offers you the opportunity to weigh up which cloud platform to use, the regulatory or data protection considerations, as well which application workloads, and enterprise applications are best suited to a private or hybrid cloud.

Virtualisation, Infrastructure, Storage and SDN Theatre

The take up of virtualisation still continues to increase at a rapid rate and as more and more businesses are using virtual, cloud infrastructures and storage technologies as part of their organisations digital transformation. Our speakers explore why the right strategies and simplified infrastructure will offer a solid proposition for large and small enterprises alike.

The Mittelstand, enterprise and CSPs continue to require more and more bandwidth. The static architecture of conventional networks must evolve. This theatre addresses the latest SDN and NFV technologies, those better suited to meet the dynamic computing and storage needs of today’s data centers, campuses, carrier environments, applications, mobile devices boom, infrastructure and tomorrow’s IT resources, including the rise of IoT.

IoT and Big Data Analytics 

IoT is the third wave of Internet development. The IoT has the potential to connect 28 billion “things” to the Internet by 2020, ranging from smart factories to cars – up from 2000s’ mobile wave of around 3 billion users and the 1990s’ fixed internet wave of 1 billion users. It’s clear IoT is not a fad, and for businesses using the IoT whilst harnessing the power of Big Data Analytics alongside, it will be revolutionary, especially for the organisations that can effectively transform the data into meaningful business insight and competitive advantage.

Outside of the data IoT generates, Big Data Analytics, in its own right, is one of the hottest topics for today’s technologists and business leaders, as the most savvy organisations know that a rock-solid, no stone unturned data game plan is the best way to unearth new business strategies, customers and revenue streams. This track highlights the best way to capture, curate, store, search, share, transfer, analyse, visualise and capitalise your data.

Security and Compliance

Cloud security risks and cloud data compliance continue to be big roadblocks for cloud adoption in Germany and DACH, for large enterprises and the Mittelstand alike. CSOs, CISOs and compliance officers are being kept awake at night by concerns about risk, compliance, regulation and data sovereignty. This stream explores these hot topics and addresses how to secure your cloud, whether public, private or hybrid. Plus, ensuring your business is complying with complex EU and international cloud regulations. Here you will hear why more and more organisations are becoming comfortable with cloud technology; they will share how they tackled security concerns head on and built successful cloud and digital transformation strategies.

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