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Providing reliable and sustainable power control for mission-critical data centre operations

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Providing reliable and sustainable power control for mission-critical data centre operations

Ensuring stable power is essential for the smooth everyday operations of data centres. Power disruptions can lead to the serious loss of data and cause equipment malfunctions. Relying on cutting-edge power control solutions is, therefore, a must for every data centre.

With over 30 years’ experience in providing smart control solutions for organisations worldwide, including some of the top six global data centre companies, ComAp understands how critical a reliable power supply is for data centres. 

As a leading company for smart control solutions for power generation and smart energy management, we have developed dedicated controllers for mission-critical applications with built-in redundancy that ensures seamless power. Compliant with international grid codes, our solutions have extraordinary MTBF values, are flexible and easy to scale, following the TIERs requirements of your projects. All these features ensure fast commissioning, simple configuration and reduce costs.  

ComAp’s Capabilities for data centres

Brand and Source Agnostic

Datacentres’ power infrastructure is becoming more complex as their needs keep evolving. Traditionally, data centres have turned to fossil-fuel-based energy for their power generation needs, however the time has come for a change as data centres need to comply with the global sustainability goals and decarbonise. 

Therefore, in addition to traditional gen-sets and utility incomers, many data centres now have – or are planning to integrate – renewable or alternative sources of energy. Including solar panels is increasingly popular and introduces inverters into the energy infrastructure to help couple AC and DC sources. In such circumstances, data centres need a solution that can ensure all elements are in sync and can work together flawlessly.

ComAp is completely brand, technology and fuel agnostic, offering smart control for all electrical sources, regardless of the technology, brand or fuel, as well as switchgear. Our solutions and platforms enable smooth and reliable integration of renewable and traditional energy sources from various OEMs, allowing for data centre operations to be more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective.

Redundancy helping to keep the power up at all times

Ensuring reliable power – both prime power and backup – is essential for data centres. Unexpected power disruptions could lead to outage of essential services for critical applications, and lead to dire consequences such as not having data or computation power available when needed, affecting the functional operations of sensitive processes. To mitigate such risks, ComAp’s controllers are developed with a variety of redundancy capacities helping to minimise solution downtime. These include:

  • Communication redundancy ensuring that a redundant CAN line takes over in case of power interruption
  • Hot Swap controller redundancy enabling a backup unit to seamlessly take over in case the primary controller fails

These help to facilitate uninterrupted takeover between the primary and backup source of power and help to maintain the stability of mission critical installations such as data centres.

InteliGen 1000, a dedicated controller for mission critical applications

ComAp’s advanced gen-set controller for paralleling operations, the InteliGen 1000, is intended primarily for complex power control applications and helps to control and monitor demanding projects with critical infrastructures, making it a popular choice amongst data centres. The InteliGen 1000 can cooperate with up to 64 controllers and, thanks to the Modbus client, can control 3rd party devices seamlessly.

InteliNeo, a new generation of microgrid controllers helping to integrate renewables in datacentres

The InteliNeo product family is ComAp’s line dedicated to hybrid microgrid controls. With this line, all energy sources can be managed by one microgrid control system that continuously controls and monitors all energy sources, including solar, wind, battery energy storage systems as well as gen-sets and make real-time decisions for optimal energy management.

InteliNeo 530 BESS is ComAp’s dedicated controller for battery energy storage systems that provides secure and reliable control. InteliNeo 530 BESS enables direct integration of the Battery Management System (BMS) with the Power Conversion System (PCS) within a BESS, as well as control, monitoring and protection of the auxiliary systems, including HVAC, fire detection and suppression, ingress detection, and E-Stop. 

Advanced Cyber Security

Data security is the highest priority for any data centre. The number of cyberattacks aimed at industrial control systems in mission-critical applications only increases each year. To ensure our customers’ data and business remains secure, our purpose-built controllers are developed with top-tier cybersecurity features, such as: 

  • Data logging
  • A unique cyphering system
  • Signed firmware
  • Extra authentication for external users
  • Individual user account logins
  • Separation between trusted and un-trusted communication interfaces

All our solutions meet the ISA/IEC standards and cybersecurity benchmarks to ensure the highest level of protection and security performance for your datacentre.

Global Reach

Founded in the Czech Republic in 1991, ComAp’s reach has grown significantly to incorporate a global network of 15 subsidiaries, 25 offices and 60+ distributors across five continents, reaching from our European headquarters in Prague to North America, Asia, Australia, and Africa, bringing our solutions and assistance to wherever you are around the globe.








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