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21 Apr 2023

Langley Holdings’ Power Solutions division launch The Power of 10

Piller Germany GmbH & Co. KG Stand: C055
Langley Holdings’ Power Solutions division launch The Power of 10

Bergen Engines, Piller Power Systems and Marelli Motori, sister companies within the Power Solutions division of Langley Holdings plc. have developed The Power of 10 – a completely new scale of data centre power generation and conditioning.

10MW Modular building block engines, alternators and power conditioning for rapid hyperscale deployment to 100MW+.

The Power of 10 is a modular power building block solution for large applications, delivered in 10MW units of scalable primary power generation with integrated 10MW alternators and conditioning technology.

Each 10MW system comprises a Bergen hydrogen-ready 10MW generating set including a Marelli Motori alternator combined with the new revolutionary Piller 10MW choke, with 4 2.5MW Piller power conditioning, modules featuring Integrated Power Conditioning Technology (IPCT).

Individual 10MW generating set modular units easily parallel to 50MW to 100MW and beyond for next generation hyperscale data centres in true ‘grow as you need’ deployment.

Jon Erik Rov, MD of Bergen Engines, says: “By using modular, standard components, The Power of 10 solution provides infrastructure to enable data centre investors, developers and operator stakeholders to move forward immediately with resilient data centre power generation technology at a scale and speed for deployment, not seen before in the sector.”

With many decades of experience in the design, build and operation of 10MW gensets, Bergen Engines’ power generation credentials have been established in the field, where clients value its build quality, continuous operation and service prowess.

Bergen 10MW+ generating sets with Marelli Motori 10MW alternators and Piller power stabilisation technology deployed as modular building blocks are the true flexible grid support and grid replacement options for the rapid construction of large-scale data centres in any geography.

Generating sets perform equally well for continuous load provision for primary baseload power and coupling and decoupling from the grid for back up during grid brown outs, and at times when grid constraints require peak shaving and load shedding.

The Power of 10 solution can remove the need for stand by generators and UPS deployments.

Dr Zaki Slgini, Global MD Piller Power Systems, says: “Piller’s 10MW choke and power conditioning technology provide the continuous power conditioning required by large scale data centre workloads at tens of MW scale, delivering high efficiency and up to five years without planned maintenance shutdowns.”

Bergen Engines medium speed liquid fuel engines are hydrogen ready and have a clear sustainability roadmap to zero carbon including liquid natural gas (LNG) to LNG/hydrogen blend and ultimately to pure hydrogen operation delivering, clean, efficient power.




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